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Why Merchant Cash Advance?

If you need some funds to improve your business cash flow then merchant cash advance is a great way of raising funds. The merchant cash advance allows you to avail funds quickly and involves less procedure when compared to commercial bank loans. The loan can be applied to online from the comfort of your computer. The funds can be availed in just a few days of applying for the loan. You don’t need to wait for months to get approval, unlike commercial bank loans. The cash advance involves less application procedure and less documentation and gets approved quickly which helps businesses to focus more on growth and expansion rather than on loan procedures

A merchant cash advance has extremely flexible requirements for approval.

The concept is simple. You get paid for your future credit card transactions up front and as transactions roll in, the lender receives a small fixed percentage of those daily credit card receipts.

The terms are simple and clear. There are no penalties, late fees, broker fees or any other hidden fees. There are no closing costs and you don’t suffer any loss of precious equity or control of your business. You don’t need a second mortgage, personal guarantee or any collateral. You simply remit to the Merchant Cash Advance company a percentage of your future credit card receipts.

With a merchant cash advance you can expect:

  • – No hidden fees
  • – Fast, easy application process
  • – No startup costs
  • – Previous credit problems may not matter
  • – No late fees
  • – No personal liability